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Table of Contents

Introduction #

Mini Cart For WooCommerce is a plugin that allows create a beautiful sliding cart for your WooCommerce store.

Your customer can shop smoothly with a sidebar cart Features. It adds a cart icon to the website menu and a cart icon to the website body.

When your customer clicks the ‘Add to Cart’ button, the cart quantity will be displayed and a side cart will automatically open after a successful cart. This will notify the customer that the product has been carted.


Shopping Cart Icon in the Menu:

You’ve shopped on an e-commerce website and surely seen a small menu cart icon located on the website’s menu. you can accomplish this. It will give your website users the ability to see a cart icon in the menu areas of your website. You can add 16 style cart icons from the plugin settings page. There are two ways you can include a cart icon in the menu

Method number one: Click on menu cart select menu from dropdown and save. You can only add to a menu from here. Docs

Method number two (Premium): Go to the Menu section of the WordPress dashboard and click on the Screen option. Check out Mini Cart for Woocommerce and find it below. Click on the arrow button and now click on Add to Menu then Save Menu. The cart icon will be visible next to the menu name. This way you can add the cart icon to the menu name as you like. Backend Demo

Shortcode Facility:

the plugin provides the user shortcode for the menu cart. you can easily display the cart icon anywhere in your woocommerce store. As a result, you don’t have to commit to anything, everything will be in your hands. You can customize the shopping cart icon as you wish

Shopping Cart Icon in the Footer: When the plugin is activated the footer cart icon will appear automatically. You can change the footer shopping cart icon from 16 style cart icons. manage the icon color and customize the icon size from the plugin settings page. The footer cart icon can be removed from the entire website-specific pages or post types. There is a facility to change the position of the icon.

Beautiful Sidebar Mini cart: When you click on the shopping cart icon, you will immediately see a side cart open. Moreover, the side cart will auto-open when customers cart a product. it is a multi-featured side cart. Here customers can get information about carted products like product image, product name, price, and quantity. Sub total amount of products, and the total amount of carts.

This sidebar cart gives users quick access to the checkout page, completely bypassing the traditional WooCommerce cart page.

AJAX Add To Cart (Single Product Page ):

This plugin allows AJAX cart features for both simple and variable products on a single product page. this means that when customers click the “Add to cart” button. the product will be carted without page refresh. Demo

Animated Notification:

The user wants to implement best practices to make the cart process as smooth as possible for this customer. For that, we include this animated notification. After carting the product, an eye-catching animated notification will inform the customer that the product has been added to the cart. This will multiply the customer’s user experience

Shipping Calculator:

Customers can calculate shipping charges from the shipping calculator. Clicking here will open the shipping calculator page. The customer will input the address and click update and the shipping charges will be displayed immediately Read More

Apply Coupon Form:

WooCommerce Store owners can display available coupons on the side mini cat. They can upload a beautiful custom image for each coupon. Customers can collect coupon codes and apply coupons from here. when the customer applies the coupon code, they will see the discount, and the cart total will change instantly. How it Works

Tax Amount Display:
If you sell products online, your customers are probably all over the map. You can easily notify customers about sales tax. This plugin will tell us how much sales tax will be included in the customer’s cart

Discount Amount Display:

After applying the coupon code to the sidebar cart, your customers will be immediately notified of the discount they will receive. This is a very nice method which will act as a new craze for customers to buy products

The Quantity Increment Button:

Placed increase/decrease button to edit shopping cart item quantity. This will make the shopping process of the consumer smooth. These buttons are used to change the amount of cart items before checkout. Having a nice mini cart is valuable to your customers and important for optimizing conversion rates.

Frontend Demo | Backend Demo |Docs Get Premium verion


Your suggestions or feedback about the plugin will motivate us. Tell us about your experience and rate this plugin