woo header cart

With this plugin User can add a mini cart option to our website Menu option, user can find “Woo Header Mini Cart” on the WordPress dashboard’s menu page, add “woo header mini cart” to your site’s menu options as many menu items as you like.

A Button will also add to the footer section, you can remove this option from the plugin setting page, A very nice plugin that allows user to easily calculate the shopping list, with a single and total amount





Header Menu Cart

 A perfect Menu Car to showcase your powerful eCommerce site in various styles using color, position, icon. you will find powerful styling options to make them stand out quite easily





Animated Notification

Creating eye-catching animated notifications after adding them to the cart button. Easily customize notifications, colors, locations, and styling using the built-in features

Product Added Notification

Notification Position



Easily change All Text

You can remove all text on the sidebar panel, such as subtotal text, cart button labels, checkout labels, and even the total cart button. Easily customize text, color, location, and styling using built-in features

sidebar customization

Method Of displaying Mini Cart


1) . display by the WordPress menu

User can easily display Mini cart through the WordPress menu item, You can see a new tab named “Woo Mini Cart Tab” in the menu section

add menu

2) display mini cart by shortcode

Easily display Mini cart through the shortcode, Plugin builtin Shortcode [whmc_mini_cart]


Features At A Glance

  1. Add Cart Button Menu items
  2. Add Cart Button  as much as you need (Unlimited)
  3. Animated Notification after Successfully Cart an Item
  4. Ajax “Add to Cart” (without page refresh) on Single Product Page
  5. Unlimited Menu Cart Button
  6. Footer Cart Button
  7. Shortcode [whmc_mini_cart]
  8. 10 Style of Cart icon for menu cart Button
  9. 10 Style of Cart icon for Footer cart Button
  10. Hide Option for Footer and Menu Cart button
  11. Amazing Clickable Side Mini cart
  12. Sidebar Text Customize facility
  13. hide Button from sidebar
  14. Super Control panel for changing Style,design,color & text